Meriam M2110F Smart Flow Gauge

Meriam M2110F Smart Flow Gauge

Genel Özellikler

Meriam’s M2110F Smart Flow Gauge is a microprocessor-based, programmable, differential pressure sensing device designed to display flow rate when used with a head loss type flow element such as Accutube averaging pitot tubes, orifice plates, or laminar flow elements. The unit calculates flow rate by measuring the DP and using it in algorithms with flow coefficients entered into the unit by the user.

The display is a 4 digit LCD with 0.5″ high numerals and a lower alphanumeric display for engineering units and to aid in set up. Each gauge includes up to 15 field selectable engineering units depending on the sensor range. The gauge is powered by two AA alkaline batteries.

Typical applications are instrumentation and control in the process industries, hydraulics, pneumatics, industrial gases and OEM’s.

Teknik Özellikler

Impressive Accuracy

  • Accuracy of 0.05% Full Scale
  • Ranges down to 10" H2O

Various Pressure Measurement Applications

  • Tank level measurement
  • Gas flow measurement
  • Leak testing

Ease of Installation and Use

  • Easy configuration through front keypad
  • Large, easy to read 4.5 digit display
  • RS-232C, 4-20 mA and relay outputs

Multiple Mounting Options

  • Panel Mount
  • Pipe Mount
  • Portable Handle/Bench Stand